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MobileHelp Review

by Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD

MobileHelp first appeared on the market back in 2006. Even though it is relatively new in the world of mobile alert systems, the company still manages to include many products in their offering. None of their solutions require a landline, and they were one of the first companies to introduce cellular coverage for seniors on the go.

A technology leader in the field of health gadgets designs, MobileHelp manufactures their own equipment. As a matter of fact, many other medical alert system providers use the gear produced by this very company.

We went through a few MobileHelp reviews and discovered that the company is the subject of praise for numerous reasons. Encouraged by the positive feedback, we decided to see in person whether the company can live up to its reputation.

Complete Lineup of MobileHelp Products

Due to the full menu of medical alert devices they offer, the company nowadays serves a customer base numbering in the tens of thousands. Their range of products includes one in-home and two on-the-go solutions. These solutions help seniors live independently and can reassure families that their loved one is safe and sound. Moreover, the company brought another innovation to the market—a MobileHelp smart watch that doubles as a medical alert system.

As expected, all of their packages connect to the call center. In addition, the company invented an app that unlocks numerous useful features. Every package also comes with free access to this app, but only on a standard level. We’ll discuss this below, but for now let’s stick to outlining the pros and cons of their systems.

MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp Reviews - ClassicThe Classic model is an in-home system that utilizes a base unit which connects through a cellular network. The base unit has two large, colored buttons to aid during the night.

The Emergency button is red and the Reset button is smaller and blue, making them easy to differentiate. There’s also a large LCD screen that displays the time and date, room temperature, battery levels, and cellular signal.

Below the LCD display, there’s a small, grey Test button that allows users to test their equipment without calling the response center.

If you recognize the design, it’s because Medical Guardian Home Guardian, as explained in our Medical Guardian review, uses the same equipment. ADT also relies on the same design and borrows the gear for their Medical Alert Plus model from this company. As expected, the microphone/speaker grill is at the top of the white base console. It allows clear and loud two-way communication with the response center once the Emergency button is pressed.

This Mobile Help device, like other in-home systems, comes with a wearable Help pendant. Users get to choose between a white neck pendant and a black or white wristband. These buttons are 100% waterproof, meaning you can wear them in the shower too. On a negative note, the rather short coverage of only 600 feet did not impress us.

Overall, this is quite a simple device, a good choice for people who are homebound or just prefer staying at home. The installation won’t take much of your time either. To learn more about this system, don’t miss our in-depth MobileHelp Classic review.

Mobile Help Solo

MobileHelp Reviews - SoloThe Solo model is a mobile solution that users get to take wherever they go. As such, it allows unlimited comfort and freedom.

This medical alert system eliminates the need of a standard home base unit, but rather you get to carry a small, lightweight mobile device when you’re out and about.

The mobile device features a microphone/speaker grill at the top.

Below that, there is a large gray Emergency button which once pressed glows red.

There are also battery, cellular signal, and GPS indicators at the bottom of the device. This system includes a portable charging cradle and the choice of a waterproof neck pendant or wristband, which can be worn at all times. Your pendant can communicate with the device at a range of 350 feet. It integrates GPS technology, thus allowing operators to pinpoint your exact location.

Its rechargeable battery can last up to 24 hours. A number of online Mobile Help System reviews by users point out that the battery life of the mobile device is unimpressive. In our Medical Guardian Active Guardian review, we discuss the system’s five-day backup battery, and in our Bay Alarm Medical GPS review, we bring up the 72-hour battery of the device. That being said, we’ve concluded that the Solo model fails to deliver the industry’s battery-life standards.

MobileHelp Duo

MobileHelp Reviews - DuoThe Duo package gives users the ultimate flexibility. It combines the equipment of the Classic and Solo solutions, hence it comes with a base unit and a mobile device along with a charging cradle.

Once again, users get to pick between a waterproof wrist button or neck pendant. It works on an AT&T cellular network, and it’s enhanced with GPS tracking technology.

We compared Mobile Help vs Life Alert, and while both companies offer GPS devices, the former is limited to AT&T’s service area, and the latter has no limits whatsoever.

The mobile device offers an unlimited range. However, be aware that the pendant’s range is 600 feet from the base unit and 350 feet from the mobile device. This means that if you need protection on the go, carrying the pendant is not enough. Luckily, the mobile device is small and lightweight, making it easy to be worn.

All in all, the Duo is one of the most complete medical alert devices available today. In our testing, it showed a high-quality, impeccable performance. Although we’d love to see a better pendant range and improved battery life, the Duo is a superior solution for everyone who’s in need of protection in and away from home.

MobileHelp Smart

MobileHelp Reviews - SmartThis sleek smartwatch is actually a modified Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Watch, so it looks nothing like a typical medical alert device.

The watch itself comes with built-in GPS technology to track your activities and share your location.

It features a microphone and speaker that enables two-way hands-free communication with a live agent.

The touchscreen displays the time, date, weather forecast, and battery life.

Moreover, there are buttons for counting your steps and the calories burned, as well as measuring your heart rate. On the right side of the watch, there are two buttons; the top is a Help button and the bottom is a Home button. The Home button is used to toggle between the watch screen and the widgets screen.

You can also access the Help button from the widgets screen. If you press the button for two to three seconds, the watch will vibrate and beep, meaning a call to the response center was initiated. You can cancel the call by pressing the Cancel button. The test widget on the screen can be used to check whether the Mobile Help watch is working properly.

The watch comes with a desktop charger and a USB charging cable. The battery can last up to two days between full charges. A potential drawback is the lack of senior-friendly extras, like what the Freedom Guardian, for example, offers. This watch is packed with fitness features, which is not very useful for elderly adults, but it misses a much more important feature: fall detection.

MobileHelp Connect App

The Connect app was previously only accessible via the MobileHelp’s official website. The MobileHelp login page is still available. However, since this is the era of smartphones, the app is now compatible both with iOS and Android.

The app is available free of charge to all users from either their mobile phones or tablets. It unlocks new ways for users to manage their health and enables family members or caregivers to stay updated with the senior’s health and activities.

As we saw in our Alert1 review, this brand offers a number of additional features users can upgrade their devices with. This is not the case with MobileHelp since they don’t manufacture such accessories. But you can get additional features if you opt for Connect Plus; for a symbolic monthly cost, you can add medication reminders or activity tracking.

How Much Does MobileHelp Cost?

Depending on your preferred package, the prices may vary. The Classic in-home model is the least expensive one. It comes with a one-time fee of $49.95, and the monthly subscription is around $20.

The upgraded Solo solution doesn’t require a one-time fee or activation fee. The monthly subscription for this package is around $38. At a price of around $42 a month, you can exploit the benefits of the Duo system. A free Help button, free activation, and free shipping are all included in the price.

Another system by this company that requires a one-time fee is the Smartwatch. Mobile Help prices for this solution are the highest out of all the systems we’ve reviewed so far. Upon purchase, users are obliged to pay around $350, which is almost twice as much as the one-time fee for the Freedom Guardian smartwatch. Also, users have to subscribe to at least three months of the company’s services, which costs around $25 per month. On the plus side, the activation is free of charge.

Aside from the Smart model, every package is compatible with the fall-detection button, which comes at a price of an additional $10 a month. Note that the prices in this MobileHelp review are expressed on a monthly basis. The company also offers annual, semi-annual, and quarterly payment plans, thus allowing users to significantly lower their costs.

Additional Features & Accessories

As with most medical alert system providers, MobileHelp also doesn’t offer fire and smoke monitoring. While these features sure come in handy, there are some accessories that are by far much more important when it comes to the efficiency of your medical alert device. Luckily, the company made them available.

For example, a feature that is rarely offered by other companies, but which MobileHelp made sure to include it in their offer, is a medication reminder. What’s more, the company includes free medication reminders in the quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans for some of their systems. If the system of your choice doesn’t come with this bonus, this luxury will add $5 a month to your MobileHelp cost.

A free lockbox is also an option with some of the systems. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to get it for a one-time payment of less than $30. Additional Help pendants and wall-mounted buttons are just $2 per month. Upgrading your system with a MobileHelp fall button will set you back $10 per month.

MobileHelp Call Center Review

Much to our surprise, the company doesn’t operate its own response center. In our opinion, it’s better when a medical alert provider offers monitoring services through an in-house call center, but this company relies on the services of Rapid Response.

Even though Rapid Response received the CSAA Central Station of the Year Award, we still had to test in person whether they are as good in practice as they are described in other MobileHelp reviews. Upon pressing the emergency Help button on the Duo model, we were connected with a highly trained, professional, and caring live agent within 33 seconds.

We did the same with the Classic and Smart solutions, and we were not disappointed. As a matter of fact, the response time got even better at 27 seconds for the Classic, and 29 seconds for the Smart system. The company offers unlimited button presses, so after 15 tries, we witnessed a fast response time of 30 seconds on average.

With an A+ rating from BBB, the Mobile Help customer service is among the nation’s best services of its kind. From the brand’s well-organized website to pleasant chats with customer support agents, the company is invested in helping people have the best experience.

For any issues, doubts, or technical support, you can email them directly from the official website. Of course, you can also give them a call at the Mobile Help phone number.

Pros & Cons


Since traditional landlines are nowadays replaced with cellular coverage, the company’s cellular option by default is a major advantage over other brands that require additional costs for cellular solutions.

Moreover, all of their packages are reasonably priced and offer full protection. Customers get to choose between different payment plans depending on their budget and needs. Additional features such as fall protection won’t hurt your budget either. The easily accessible app unlocks even more opportunities for users to manage their health and caregivers to stay updated with the connected senior’s activity.

In our testing, the response time was more than average, and we have no complaints as far as customer service goes.


There were a few MobileHelp complaints regarding the rather limited pendant range. Another thing that’s limited is the coverage; even though the company offers cellular solutions exclusively, they work only in the AT&T coverage area. Also, keep in mind that if you opt for the smartwatch, you won’t be able to add automatic fall detection.

Final Verdict

This company gives you the freedom to opt for a completely home-based system or one that is updated with mobile coverage too. What makes this brand stand out from others of its kind is the unique Connect suite of online services that provides automated medication reminders and activity tracking. In a number of MobileHelp reviews, the company is referred to as one of the most effective, reliable, and trustworthy providers of medical alert systems. Because of all this, they deserve to be among your first picks when in need of an emergency help service.

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