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Bay Alarm Medical Review

by Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD

In this day and age, there are numerous medical alert systems that can help elderly adults in case of an emergency. They all come with a vast array of helpful functions. By analyzing several Bay Alarm Medical reviews, as well as testing their products on our own, we discovered more about their specific features and overall performance.

In addition, we learned a little history too; the company has been producing top-notch medical equipment since 1946. For seven decades now, they have continuously worked on innovating their products but never lost sight of who is always right—the customer. Thanks to good operations management, the company can now afford to offer high-quality products at low price points.

In this article, you’ll find out more about the most distinguished products made by Bay Alarm Medical and the different features related to their functionality and usage.

Complete Lineup of Bay Alarm Medical Products

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert

Bay Alarm Medical Review - In-Home Medical AlertAs with other in-home systems, this set consists of a base station and a pendant. The base station features a simple design, with a big Help button on the front. A high-volume speaker and an extremely sensitive microphone are integrated into this device, located on the front as well. The base unit can be placed on a countertop or mounted on a wall.

There’s a Reset button at the back of the device. However, it needs to be pressed within 15 seconds of calling for help to stop the call from being directed. Although an unusual setting, we mention the same design in our Rescue Alert review.

This Bay Medical alarm system features a built-in battery in the base station. If there’s a blackout on your block, this battery can last up to 32 hours. When the electric system is restored, the battery will start charging itself automatically. If you often travel to your friends and relatives in other parts of the US, you can take your base station with you and use it there. Just make sure to always plug it directly into the wall and not a power strip.

The second component of this Bay Alarm Medical alert system is a waterproof 1000-foot range pendant. The pendant ensures security and comfort in the house and offers fair coverage around home too. When ordering the system, you get to choose between a necklace and a wristband pendant button. Moreover, the company offers an abundance of additional features that won’t hurt your budget.

Learn a lot more about this solution in our detailed Bay Alarm Medical In-Home medical alert review.

Bay Alarm Medical GPS System

Bay Alarm Medical Review - GPS Alert SystemOlder people and retirees who want to stay active can do all their outdoor activities and stay protected with their medical GPS system by their side. This device will monitor your moves both inside and outside your home.

The system consists of a black all-in-one mobile device and a charging cradle. It is slightly bigger than and not as affordable as GreatCall’s GPS system, as discussed in our in-depth GreatCall review.

However, every Bay Alarm Medical review we’ve read emphasizes its long-lasting battery—up to 72 hours per charge. Compared to its competitors, this is an above-average battery life.

As with the in-home model by this company, you can get a free lockbox if you chose their semi-annual payment plan. You can also enable automatic fall detection for an additional cost, a feature you shouldn’t neglect.

There’s also a Caregiver Tracker that allows your loved ones to track your activities. That way, your relatives or children will be notified when you leave home. They can also be notified through email or SMS that you’ve left the last place where you checked in. If you are an AARP member, the company offers a Bay Alarm Medical AARP discount that you can take advantage of.

For a complete overview of the features of this device, check out our full Bay Alarm Medical GPS Alert System review.

Bay Alarm Medical In-Car Medical Alert

Bay Alarm Medical Review - In-Car Medical Alert SystemConsidering the fact that the population is aging, there will also be an increase in the number of senior drivers. Therefore, there’s also a growing need for medical help on the road.

This is where the In-Car Medical Alert takes the scene. It comes with GPS tracking, regular driving data updates, automatic crash responses, and most importantly, a help button.

You can also use the Splitsecnd app on your mobile phone (both the Android and iOS version) to provide the medical support team with your personal and medical information, like your chronic conditions or blood type.

When we compared Bay Alarm Medical vs Life Alert, we noticed that the main difference is in regards to fall-detection technology. While the former offers fall detection as an addition, the latter lacks such a feature. Fall detection is an important feature for sure, but the in-car medical alert produced by this company is updated with automatic crash detection. This model works in any vehicle and comes with a built-in backup battery to maximize safety.

What’s also practical for both drivers and home users of this company’s products is the Bay Alarm Medical Vial of Life. You can populate this booklet with your vital medical information. In case you can’t speak for yourself, it will tell paramedics and doctors more about your health issues, which will surely come in handy in case of a crash.

Additional Features & Accessories

While Bay Alarm Medical doesn’t offer all of the additional features you can think of, in our opinion, the company seems to cover enough ground. The upgrades that the brand doesn’t offer are voice extensions, fire and smoke monitoring, and wellness checks.

However, the features they made available are some of the most affordable in the industry. Occasional Bay Alarm medical promo codes can bring the already low price down. If you opt for the semi-annual plan, you’ll get a free lockbox. Otherwise, the lockbox will cost you less than $2 a month. Each wall-mounted button is around $3, but if you get a bundle of four buttons, you’ll save $2 by paying $10 for the set.

Fall detection is a key feature of medical alert systems. That being said, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we stumbled upon a couple Bay Alarm Medical complaints regarding the fact that fall detection is not a built-in feature. Nonetheless, we are willing to turn a blind eye on this con, since a fall detection pendant costs around $10. Do the math—a landline system plus a fall-detection pendant adds up to less than $30 a month, which is an average price for this kind of system.

Finally, adding GPS monitoring to the in-home system costs no more than $20. And in case you want to get another help pendant for a family member, every additional pendant will cost you around $2 per month, which makes Bay Alarm Medical one of most affordable multiperson monitoring providers.

How Much Is Bay Alarm per Month?

Are medical alert systems covered by insurance? Unfortunately, they are not. But his company is one of the most affordable providers of medical alert systems. As opposed to Life Alert and similar systems, you are not required to sign a long-term contract in order to receive their services. However, choosing them as a long-term commitment comes with some benefits.

The in-home solution costs $19.95 a month, and it offers Basic protection. The Preferred protection package is priced at $39.95 per month, and it includes fall detection and four wall-mounted buttons. In addition to the aforementioned features, the Premium protection plan includes the GPS system with auto fall detection and a lockbox for $59.95 per month.

The GPS system also offers three levels of protection. The Basic plan costs around $30 per month. The Preferred is less than $40, and it includes the in-home system, while the Premium package adds fall detection to your Bay Alarm Medical alert systems and costs around $50 a month.

Moving on to the in-car solution, it seems this is the most expensive option offered by this company. The Basic package costs around $30 a month, the Preferred (which adds the GPS system) is approximately $50, and for the Premium protection package (which also adds the in-home system), you will be billed around $60 monthly. As expected, the costs for the in-car Bay Alarm Medical alert tend to lower if you opt for a quarterly or annual commitment.

The company also offers bundles of their alert products (called 360° Protection) to give their customers a chance to make significant savings. For starters, you can opt for Bundle Plus. It will cost you $59.95 a month to get In-Home Medical Alert, Mobile GPS Medical Alert, and In-Car Medical Alert, with all the features we’ve described above.

Bundle Preferred is an upgrade of the Bundle Plus package, meaning that for $69.95 you’ll also get access to the Bay Alarm medical fall detection service. It works for both mobile and in-house devices.

Finally, Bundle Premium will provide you with each and every feature and service offered by this manufacturer. It will cost you $79.95 a month, but you can count on seamless medical monitoring wherever you go and whatever you do.

Bay Alarm Medical Call Center Review

When you hit the help button on your medical alert device, you want to get in touch with a polite operator on the other side of the line as quickly as possible. From what we experienced when we were testing this service, the average response time was around 35 seconds. It’s important to stress that dialing in took almost 20 seconds. The connection was reliable, and the sound was clear throughout every single call.

When it comes to the Bay Alarm Medical customer service, we have no complaints. Their agents are educated, experienced, and dedicated professionals who will always respond to your request in the shortest time possible. The customer support team has also taken into consideration that these alert devices and products are used by people of different origins. As a result, they can provide assistance in 170 languages, which ranks among the best language support in the industry.

What’s more, you can contact the support team via email or phone. When you’re calling the Bay Alarm medical phone number, you won’t be charged for that service. They’ll also give you some professional advice if you have any questions about their services prior to purchase.

Pros & Cons


In medical care, people are sensitive to high prices, especially if they don’t have any reasonable justification. With Bay Alarm, you pay neither an activation nor a cancellation fee. What’s more, the equipment delivery is also free of charge, and you don’t have to sign long-term contracts. You use the service as long as it meets your needs. Another perk Bay Alarm Medical alert reviews seem to emphasize is affordable spouse monitoring.

Another advantage of this system is the monitoring range of the in-home devices, which reaches up to 1000 feet. For instance, if you’re wearing a pendant or a bracelet when you’re going next door for a coffee, your base station will register if you push the button.

Your device can be connected through a landline or via a mobile network. All these user-friendly features didn’t go unnoticed by organizations that care for older people. For instance, all the Bay Alarm Medical reviews by AARP heap praise on these services and the fair conditions under which they’re provided.


The functions we’ve tried plus the testimonials of other satisfied users really don’t mention any significant glitches or problems with this system and its products.

What has been mentioned a few times is that there’s no fire and smoke detector in the base station. Some users think that this addition in one of the future versions could come in handy.

When we were testing the Bay Alarm medical set, we noticed that the Reset button is hard to find. Not too many users will need it, but it could be in a more visible place.

Final Verdict

No matter if you’re an older person living alone or a younger person with a special health condition, having a medical alert system by your side is a blessing. The systems from this company are cutting-edge devices that don’t impose any additional expenses on their users. The features Bay Alarm Medical’s products are packed with rank them as one of the top systems for medical monitoring. There are many Bay Alarm medical reviews that confirm the quality and reliability of this medical alert system. After trying them on our own, we can all but confirm this too and recommend their solutions to a wide range of people.

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